Key Concepts

Don't Sell, Get Them to Buy


Ensure you do the work up front to build trust & rapport to give your team the best chance at success!

Gemba Walk Process


The Gemba Walk Process I employ and coach to, is built upon respect for people and humility.  Self-Awareness and Empathy drive the entire cycle.  Observe. Engage. Immerse!

Interview Cycle


A key tool in empathy in improvement is the interview.  Coupled with shadowing, a lot can be learned from the people you are doing the work.  

Top-Down or Bottom-Up


I've heard it both ways... Top-Down or Bottom-Up.  I strive for both.  Your journey will not be successful with out the  active participation of the entire organization.

The Buy-In Recipe


A tried and true recipe for success for generating the buy-in needed to realize energizing momentum and sustained change!

Create Connection


People feel connected to an organization who invest in their people  and contribute to their personal success.  I work to understand gaps in career & development opportunities to enhance the sense of connection. 

Make it Fun


I utilize fun and relateable real life examples to help people connect to the material and improvements to be made.

Tell the Story


Identifying improvements can be fun, but when it affects an area or person, we need to be as objective as possible.  Robust metrics and a process focus can help remove the feeling of being singled out



Create tools that help your people prioritize their work.  Priorities change, and sound visual tools can help teams and individuals stay on track.

Create Purpose


...the good life builds on connection and purpose... happiness does not come from owning a bigger car but from knowing that we are part of something bigger - part of a community - and that we are in this together."  - Meik Wiking

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