Cultural, Strategic & Improvement Assesment

Set the Baseline and Create the Plan

I have experience in organizational assessments of plants and businesses all over the world.  I can provide a full Cultural, Strategic or Improvement assessment, or a combination of the three.  Once we establish the current state of your business, we can create a prioritized action plan based on industry and analogous benchmarks and assign owners to execute the plan. 

Strategy Development & Deployment Assessment Example:

Question I Might Ask: Who are you, and where do you want to go as an organization? 

What I Might Look for: 

  • Mission/Vision/Values 
  • X-Matrix/Strategic Planning Process
  • Value Stream Maps 
  • Communication Strategy

Question I Might Ask: How do you measure performance against what is important to you?

What I Might Look For:  

  • Balanced Scorecard Model
  • Financial, Process, Customer Outcomes
  • Lean Management Boards & Connectivity
  • Leading vs Lagging Metrics

Strategy Development & Deployment


Balanced Scorecard Model


Scoring System


Lean & Improvement Culture Sustainability


Metric Dashboards & Connectivity


Improvement Planning & Validation