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Helping People Help Themselves

My Story

Global experience in the development and execution of  continuous improvement/lean strategy and assessments within manufacturing facilities in India, China, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, France, and in various locations domestically in the United States.  Industries served include: Manufacturing, Food Production & Service, Non-Profits, Agriculture and Golf Courses.

My Approach

 'Spread the Lean Love' 

This simple mantra says it all.  I believe in the softer side of Lean/ Continuous Improvement.  I am committed to helping people live better lives through learning Lean/Continuous Improvement thinking... 'Helping People Help Themselves!'  This approach is a truly People-Centric Improvement methodology designed to increase initial buy-in, and in turn, increase sustainment of improvements. 


Organizations are being held to higher standards than ever in terms of how they work with their people.  This brings added challenges to improvement work and change management.  I want to help organizations interact, support, and work with their people to garner better results and culture.  I help connect the purpose of improvement work and as a result, we will build a 'tailored-to-you' business system where people buy-in, improvements are sustained, and everyone is happy!

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